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What happens during a flight session?

You will arrive 1 hour before your flight. During this time, we spend 30 minutes welcoming and registering participants and 30 minutes carrying out a briefing session and explaining the equipment. One of our instructors will teach you the basic flying techniques and all safety instructions.

You’ll be equipped with a flight suit, a helmet and goggles and will be ready to fly! The instructor will accompany you in the free fall simulator for your first flight.

Once ready to fly, depending on your group, you will have 30 minutes in the pre-flight area. You will fly in rotation with other participants.

You also have the option of having a private session. Please contact us for further information.

Our team will take photos that you may view after your flight. The flight session is also filmed. You can take away a souvenir of this extraordinary experience!

1. Already booked a flight?

Have you already booked your flight and are about to arrive?

2. Have you received a gift voucher?

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3. Do you need accommodation?

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4. Would you like to dine here?

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