RealFly is the first Wind Tunnel in Switzerland.

Located at the foothills of the ski resorts and mountains in Sion, Valais!

It goes without saying that the WindTunnel has become the best place to train and improve in skydiving.
The “Tunnel” has also become more than a secondary discipline – it is a sport in its own right, with its codes and tribes, its stars and its gurus, its laughter and its tears.
At RealFly you will fly through a ”new generation” tunnel, a Strojirna-2014 at 14 metres high and 4.35 metres (14 feet) in diameter.
It’s big enough for the D4W, VR4, VR6 and more if agreed. The best in the world can be found here!


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Proflyers Area


RealFly offers:

Changing facilities with individual lockers & showers

HD Video – top, side & dynamic

Briefing/debriefing areas & ProFlyer room

Debriefing Computers & TVs, Free WiFi

Creepers, Heating facilities and more

Smiles and a pleasant atmosphere 🙂



What equipment do you need to fly?

A flight suit in good condition (RealFly can provide this if required!)

A rigid skydiving helmet (cameras are not allowed in the tunnel). We do not lend full face helmets.

Knee and elbow protectors are recommended for impact against the walls or against your instructor. 😉

Weight belts, ear plugs, soap and shower gel are available!

Schedule your flights!

With our Proflyers packs, you can now purchase flight time (minimum of 10 minutes) that can be used whenever you wish by simply booking a slot via your online account! This easy-to-use system guarantees maximum flexibility and allows you to manage all your bookings yourself.

Discover RealFly Academy, the dedicated Proflyers website!

RealFly Academy

How to keep progressing with RealFly?

Once the Pack Pilatus mastered and validated by your instructor, you may fly when you want at your own pace!

  1. Create a proflyer account in order to access our online calendar, book your flights and prepare your training sessions.
  2. Before your first booking, we advise you to contact us in order for us to help you organize your first solo session.
  3. Discover our different prices, for week days or weekends. You may book a minimum of 10 minutes per day.
  4. Once a certain number of hours of flight validated, you will be able to train without a coach. The number of hours needed depends on the capacities of each flyer, his / her understanding of the sport as well as his / her apprehension of the air. Do not hesitate to contact our instructors to discuss your progress in the wind tunnel.



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