We are delighted to be certified by Tunnel Instructor! All our instructors have passed an examination certifying them to accompany you professionally following strict safety standards.

Trust us and enjoy your flight!


Olivier Longchamp
Benjamin Guex
Fred Nenet
Eric Planelles
Quentin Lucon
Julien Amerant
Aaron Crisci
Jody Hays
Jonathan Mermier
Eduardo Cordoso
Quentin Lucon

“Great things in business are never done by one person; they are done by a team of people” (Steve Jobs)

Frédéric Nenet : Chief Instructor
Olivier Longchamp : Instructor
Eric Planelles : Instructor
Jody Hays : Instructor
Quentin Luçon : Instructor
Marek Chilinski : Instructor
Benjamin Guex : Instructor
Max Florean : Instructor
Jonathan Mermier : Instructor
Vincent Van Laethem : General Management
Nieves Garcia : Logistics & Administration
Jean-François Magnin : Group / Corporate Relations
Aaron Crisci : Instructor / Marketing & Communication
Sam Zoran : Chief Reception
Tess Kienberger : Community Manager / Receptionist
Mylène Frezza : Receptionist
Séverine Debons : Receptionist
Mylène Baudin : Receptionist
Catarina De Souza : Receptionist / Bar
Martin Debons : Bar
Maria Da Conceicao : Cleaning & Maintenance

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