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REALFLY in Sion is the first indoor skydiving simulator in Switzerland.

Construction work began in April 2013 and lasted nearly a year. The building reaches a height of 24 metres. The edifice goes 7 metres deep underground, and hosts nearly 30 metres of air circuits. Flights are managed by specially trained instructors. They will take care of you from the introduction to the equipment, through the flight briefing and during your debriefing. The sessions offered are customised to best meet the needs and desires of our customers. After an initiation phase to indoor skydiving, you can improve your skills and advance quickly with advice from our skilled instructors.

The Bar

Feeling hungry, or just fancy a drink while watching your friends fly?

Take a break, have asnack at the REALFLY lounge bar. The bar is located around the glass tunnel, so you won't miss a thing from your group's experience. You can also hire the bar for private use.

It is also available for parties and events.

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The Swiss indoor skydiving wind tunnel

In recent years, free fall simulators have revolutionised skydiving. The principle is based on a blower system installed in a tunnel that recreates the actual sensation of skydiving. This new human flight concept allows you to experience sensations similar to those of actual skydiving. At a height of 24 metres, the REALFLY wind tunnel is one of the largest simulators in the world and can accommodate up to 8 people simultaneously.

The concept consists of a double closed circuit in which air circulates from the bottom upwards. The airflow is produced by 4 electric motors to then be compressed in a large inverted funnel. The air is maintained at a constant temperature of 23° through the cooling system integrated in the circuit. The flight chamber of 4.35 metres in diameter is made from 5 metre high glass panels, with a usable height of 14 metres. The power of the 4 motors generates an airflow of up to 380km/h. The average flight speed is 200Km/h.

RealFly is committed to the environment

Our team applies simple daily actions to preserve it.

All internal correspondence is by email.
Our premises are equipped with a LED timer system for off-peak hours.
All waste is carefully sorted and recycled.
Management and optimisation of our printers
(printing in draft mode and printers in standby mode).
Toner cartridges for our printers are sent to specialised
recycling companies.